If you are wondering what owl is hooting out your window, are a student, hobbyist, or just enjoy the owls and nature... you are in the right place. Owling.com is a look at the North and Central American Owls with both biology and multimedia sections to help with the identification, enjoyment, and appreciation of these awesome winged predators.

Owling introduction

This is the introduction to the owls and owling (looking for owls) in North and Central America.


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Checklists of owls organized by taxonomic order, size, common and scientific name.
North America - Breeding North American owls.
Central America - Central American owls.
 Mexico - Mexican owls.

Multimedia Section

Binocular Scorecard - Our unique scorecard to help you score and compare binoculars.
  The Multimedia section is where all photos, video and recordings of the individual owls are found. Each owl has a complete page of photos and recordings with explanations, field notes to help identify the owls... Look for the new streaming video on these pages!

Product Reviews - Expert reviews of todays optics and birding supplies.

Central American owls Main Page
This is a pictorial (thumbnail) entry to each of the Central American Owls multimedia pages.

Central American Owls

    Balsas Screech-Owl
    Bare-shanked Screech-Owl
    Barn Owl
    Barred Owl
    Bearded Screech-Owl
    Black-and-white Owl
    Burrowing Owl
    Cape Pygmy-Owl
    Central American Pygmy-Owl
    Colima Pygmy-Owl
    Costa Rican Pygmy-Owl
    Crested Owl
    Eastern Screech-Owl
    Elf Owl
    Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl
    Flammulated Owl
    Fulvous Owl  
    Great Horned Owl
    Guatemalan Screech-Owl
    Long-eared Owl
    Mottled Owl  
    Mountain Pygmy-Owl
    Northern Saw-whet Owl
    Pacific Screech-Owl  
    Short-eared Owl
    Spectacled Owl
    Spotted Owl
    Striped Owl
    Stygian Owl
    Tropical Screech-Owl
    Vermiculated Screech-Owl
    Western Screech-Owl
    Whiskered Screech-Owl

North American owls Main Page
This is a pictorial (thumbnail) entry to each of the North American Owls multimedia pages.
Endemic Baja Birds - A special addition to the owls. Here you can find several photos and info on all  the endemic birds of Baja California.
  Wallpaper - Many of the best photos are here and can be downloaded to use as your desktop wallpaper.

How to choose your optics - A "Buying Guide" to help you learn how to choose a pair of todays binoculars, scope or tripod. Special sections for the phisically impared and children.

All About Optics - Everything you ever wanted to know about binoculars, spotting scopes and tripods. Includes sections for design considerations, common terms, handling, cleaning, digiscoping... ect.

Biology Section

A Species Account and North/Central American range map for each of the featured owls.

Text Section

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