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Thanks from Owling.com

All of the sound files, videos and pictures are my personal recordings and photos unless otherwise stated. You can request to use these by sending me (Dan Lockshaw) an e-mail at permission@owling.com or by contacting the photographer that is noted with the photo.

 Special thanks to:

 Kevin Easley of Costa Rica Gateway in Costa Rica. Kevin's tremendous knowledge of the birds and owls of Costa Rica made posible several of the species in Costa Rica. His help in planning trips made possible the access to several locations.

 Milad Hedayat for all the help he has given me in the field photographing and recording the owls and the several trips he has taken with me for this purpose.

 Bruce Webb of Placer County (see http://www.geocities.com/placerbird/placercobirding.htm) for his assistance with recording many of the sounds and his tremendous knowledge of nature and Owls.

 Ron Wilbur for his many, many hours of review and tremendous knowledge of website design.

 Scott Richardson of the Arizona Fish and Game for his knowledge of and assistance with the Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls in Arizona.

 Randal Hoscheit, Lisa Takats, Ray Cromie and Hardy Pletz of Edmonton, Alberta for their tremendous knowledge and assistance with the owls of Alberta.

 Chris Schultz and Tom Holland of the USDA Forest Service and Rich Levad for their knowledge of and assistance with the owls in Western Colorado.

 Alison Sheehey for her continuous encouragement, technical help with and review on building this web site.

 John Boyle and Denver W. Holt of NinePipes Center For Wildlife Research And Education for their review, information and knowledge of the North American Owls.

 Jose Luis Rangel-Salazar, Mat Hiron, and Patricia Gonzalez Dominguez for their exceptional assistance in Chiapas, Mexico. Their knowledge and help with planning, photographing, videoing and guidance made the owls of Chiapas possible.

 Mark Alt ( President, Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union) for his excellent artical about the northern invasion of owls in the US (Minnesota). His knowledge, expertise and assistance has been invaluable to this new section.


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