Stygian Owl

(c) 2002 Dean LaTray. All rights reserved. For rights to use this photo contact Dean here.

Sonora, Mexico
May 2012

Dean LaTray, who took this beautiful photo, wrote about his encounter with this Stygian Owl:

"Conditions: Temperature 94-100 degrees F. The area near Nuri (and all of Sonora) was very dry in mid-May, drier than usual for this time of year, based on below-average rainfall over the last couple of seasons. (This information based on verbal report from David Mackay at El Pedregal in Alamos.) Certainly water is now very scarce at high elevations in the mountains near Nuri. My impression is that the owl was drawn to the arroyo by the water there, and the associated local density of prey species. (That is probably why many raptors live where they do, I'm sure.) "

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